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Call for Submissions: The Truth/y Issue 

In a world where “post-truth” is an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, where it has been declared that “truth isn’t truth”, and “truthy” now substitutes for evidence-based truths, how do we define “truth”? 

What is the truth about this present historical moment? How does your truth differ from someone else’s? Is climate change true? How does the U.S. Declaration of Independence’s “we hold these truths to be self-evident” and its inclusion of the “truth” of equality hold up against the reality of living in America? How can we verify the truth about anything — about the size of the crowd, or Fake News? What are we as part of the global society witnessing, documenting, covering up?       

And what is “truth” in poetry? How important is it for a poem to be “true”? Dickinson says, tell the truth but tell it slant, and yet, that too implies its own kind of  truthy virtue. A chapter in The Philosophy of Poetry, ed. John Gibson argues that: “Poetry does not earn its claim to truth by mirroring an external world or by stating discrete, correct, ‘facts’ about it....[Poetry] is concerned with truth as a kind of revelation, an ‘unconcealing’ of aspects of existence that lie hidden from us in our everyday encounters with the world.” https://www.oxfordscholarship.com/view/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199603671.001.0001/acprof-9780199603671-chapter-8

We see this call as encompassing poetry of witness, documentary poetics, protest poetry, philosophical reflections on the meaning of truth, as well as explorations of how “truthiness” is reshaping our definition of truth, and myriad other ways of defining, illustrating, departing from, or breaking open the idea of "truth".

Tell us: What is your truth?

We want to hear from you. 

General guidelines:

Poemeleon is published annually. Expect a response within 1 - 3 months after close of submissions. If you have not heard from us after this time period please feel free to inquire. We have, historically, taken a while to get back to people, because — life. If that bothers you, please remember this is an all-volunteer labor of love.

The details

  • Deadline: November 30, 2019
  • Please submit 1 to 5 poems, 1 poetry-related essay,  and/or 1 book review
  • Please include a 50 word third-person bio.
  • Please also include a 50 word contributor statement about the work submitted. (See past issues for examples of what we mean.)
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are notified promptly when work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Only one submission per category (essay, poetry, book review), per reading period. 
  • Previously published is also fine, as long as it was in print, not online, and as long as you as the author retain all copyright. Because we  strive to be the first online publisher of your work, if it has appeared  anywhere that is publicly accessible on the web (including on your  blog) then it is considered previously published. Please feel free to  contact us and we will provide clarification on a case-by-case basis.
  • We acquire one-time, non-exclusive rights to  publish your work, at which time all rights revert back to you as the  author. If we should ever decide to create a print anthology and would  like to include your work, we will contact you.
  • Please note that we are a non-paying market.
  • No snail mail submissions. All submissions must come through our online submissions manager.
Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry